The Folsom Realty Team

Folsom Realty is a family business run by Mo Elliott, an area specialist with 40 years of local Real Estate expertise. Sales Agents are Mo’s wife, Sue Elliott, and their daughter Erin Sanders. Erin joined the team in 2015, bringing with her a knack for current technology to aide you in the process of buying or selling your home. Mo is the firm’s Broker, concentrating on office operations and providing knowledge and assistance to both Erin and Sue as they work with both buyers and sellers.

Mo, Sue, and Erin are licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate and are all members of the Sacramento, California, and National Associations of REALTORS®.


Mo was born in Creston, Iowa and lived in the Midwest until moving to Folsom in 1965, where he graduated from Folsom High School (FHS) the following year. In addition to working in his real estate business, Mo finds time for participation in a number of civic and social organizations, including Rotary Club, Folsom Historical Society, and Folsom Chamber of Commerce. When he is not working his business or participating in civic affairs, he enjoys driving his classic 1958 Chevy Impala, spending time with his four grandchildren and practicing his golf game. (If you are interested in golf in this area you can get information from the Northern California Golf Association @

Mo and Sue celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in December 2016!

I love helping people! Professionally, whether that be helping clients sell a property or find their perfect next house, it is a joy and an honor to be a part of that journey.

I grew up in Folsom, am a Folsom High School graduate, and am now raising my family in adjacent El Dorado Hills. I truly know the city from the inside out, as well as our neighboring communities. I love being connected to my community through my church, fitness group, shopping locally, and spending time with my family at community events.

Folsom Realty is a local family business since 1978 and I am thrilled to be working with my father and longtime area Broker Mo Elliott. You won’t find better area knowledge and know-how than with this team!

With a degree in Interior Design, I am able to bring a little extra perspective to the Real Estate table by helping buyers see the true potential of a prospective property, and advising sellers how to present their home in its best light.

I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me next and I hope to help you along the way!

Sue is a California girl who grew up in Redondo Beach, riding horses and the waves. She is a licensed Real Estate Agent, receiving her license shortly after Mo. During their two daughters’ younger years, Sue’s time was dedicated to the girls at home, but she continued to assist and support Mo throughout the business’ growth. Today, Sue enjoys spending time with their four grandchildren and currently primarily focuses on assisting buyers with their house hunt.