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Life Is Golden In El Dorado Hills

For a bit of luxury, El Dorado Hills has the shimmer you’re looking for. Located at the South Fork of the American River where gold was washed down during the California Gold Rush, El Dorado Hills has transformed into a large-scale master-planned community with all the amenities anyone could ask for. Think lush green spaces, fine dining, a pristine golf course, and all the modern amenities anyone could want.

The El Dorado Hills we see today was envisioned during the 1960s, and ever since, families from Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Southern California have flocked to this modern utopia, which literally translates to “The Golden Hills.” Even Silicon Valley has taken notice and some businesses have relocated from the skyrocketing rent costs for greener, er, golder pastures of El Dorado Hills.

The new 100-acre Town Center is an impressive mixed-use development with lake views, waterways, fountains, an amphitheater, and all the shopping, entertainment, and dining you can imagine. It features a seasonal Farmer’s Market each Sunday as well as the Thursday night Live on the Boulevard concert series, running June through September.

Grocery options range from organic to boutique gourmet markets to the big-name national chains. Green spaces located all over town ensure that the long summer days don’t go to waste.

For those looking for a community with a small city vibe you may want to consider the City of Folsom. With a charming downtown and many historic homes. If brand new construction is your thing you will definitly want to check out Folsom Ranch homes.  Just a freeway exit up the hill from El Dorado Hills is the comminuty of Cameron Park with its man-made lake and private airport.

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Serrano is a master-planned, luxury, gated community within El Dorado Hills. Complete with a country club, golf course, immaculately groomed landscaping, and 24-hour roaming security, Serrano takes El Dorado Hills to the next level. There are annual activities and events held year-round for the community, highly-ranked schools, and an incredible dedication to the environment, with an emphasis on recycled water, 1,000 acres of green space including 17 miles of hiking trails, and the support of solar energy and encouraged use of hybrid vehicles. Serrano is a luxury community built for today and ready for tomorrow.

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