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Folsom Homes for Sale

Homes and properties for sale in and around Folsom, CA

The story of Folsom dates back to the great California Gold Rush. But it was also the site of California’s first college, the West’s first railroad and the first long-distance transmission of electricity in the West.

Folsom Homes for Sale

Folsom Palladio at Night


The new Palladio Mall with theater and Folsom Community College are the centerpieces of this area. Great shopping and dining abound.

Central District

World War II saw a significant time of expansion into this area, which is currently the ‘shopping district’ of Folsom, where there is always a hub of activity in the area.

Empire Ranch

The newest houses in Folsom are currently in the Empire Ranch area. With its golf course and rolling hills, it is always popular.

Historic District

The oldest part of Folsom is the Historic District. It’s a mix of homes from the days of the gold rush up to more recently built homes as well.

Lexington Hills

The late ’80s and early ’90s saw a large expansion of the Lexington Hills area. With nearby access to the lake, it’s always been an attractive and popular area.

Natoma Station

Natoma Station also grew quickly in the 1980s. This area is well known for an abundance of parks and recreation areas.

North Folsom

Once the Lake Natoma Crossing bridge was opened, this area once again felt part of Folsom, as travel to the other side once again became bearable!

Prairie Oaks / Willow Springs / Los Cerros

Many parks and walkways line this area, and it is within walking distance to work for many Intel employees that live in this part of Folsom.