Folsom Ranch Homes, Folsom New Construction in Folsom CA

    It’s a rare community that can be planned from the ground up — with the opportunity to design a nearly perfect place to live and work. Folsom Ranch is such a locale. About 10,000 homes will surround a well-thought-out and expertly designed Town Center. The Town Center will be the village core of Folsom Ranch that will make living there all the more appealing. It is expected that upwards of 8,000 new jobs will be created by this Folsom Ranch community.

    Residents of Folsom Ranch will enjoy the commitment to preserving open space and the weaving in of nature. A full 30 percent of this matser planned community will be left in it’s pristine, natural state. The area will also feature 2 expansive community parks and multiple neighborhood parks within walking distance of just about any residence. There are also plans for an additional aquatic center to serve the south side of town.

    Families will be excited to know that a public high school, middle school, and five more elementary schools will be added.